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In 1993, the Graduate School of Counseling Psychology (GSCP) was finalized and a program of studies leading to Master of Science in Counseling Psychology (M.S.CP) was submitted to the Ministry of University Affairs and approved. In mid-2004, the GSCP was changed to Graduate School of Psychology (GSP). The new program under the GSP was the Master of Arts in Family and Individual Studies (MAIFS) program, and the only English doctoral program in Counseling Psychology in the country (Ph.D.CP). In 2011, a new program, Master of Arts in Psychology (MAP), was introduced to replace the Master of Arts in Family and Individual Studies (MAIFS) program.

The Graduate School of Philosophy and Religion (GSPR) was founded in June 1993.  Initially, it offered two programs: MA in philosophy and an MA in religious studies. It established a Ph.D. program in philosophy in October 1997 and a Ph.D. program in religious studies in June 2001.  All four programs are recognized by the Office of Higher Education Commission (OHEC). Since 2012, two programs – MA in philosophy and religion and Ph.D. in philosophy and religion – were approved by the University Council and recognized by the OHEC.

Assumption University initiated the Graduate School of Education (GSEd) providing three famous programs comprising two M.Ed. programs in 1998 — the Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction and the Master of Education in Educational Administration — and the Doctor of Philosophy program in Educational Leadership in 2004

As stated in our vision, our programs are aimed at preparing excellent educational leaders who possess and are able to apply their professional knowledge, desirable attitudes, skills, and habits in developing learners to their fullest potential in a culturally diverse and rapidly changing postmodern world.

On March 1, 2012, in order to strengthen the capability of the GSEd and GSP, the Rector Magnificus issued the Assumption University Order No. 32/2012 – transfer of management of all programs under the GSP to come under the direct jurisdiction of the Graduate School of Education.

Effective on August 1, 2015, the University issued the order No. 3.3/2015 merging Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Psychology, and Graduate School of Philosophy and Religion under the name of Graduate School of Education and Human Sciences.

Later on, effective on November 1, 2015, the University issued the order No. 386/2015, changing the name of the Graduate School of Education and Human Sciences to the Graduate School of Human Sciences under the jurisdiction of the Dean of the Graduate School of Human Sciences.


To advance, transmit and sustain cutting-edge knowledge and understanding through the conduct of teaching, research and scholarship at the highest international standards, for the benefit of those people employed in, or seeking employment in, the profession of education, psychology, philosophy and religion.


To be recognized as a leader in graduate studies of education, psychology, philosophy and religion with a strong focus on the pursuit of professional knowledge in education, psychology, philosophy and religion on a worldwide basis with high levels of leadership in research, practice and community development.


The University is fully accredited by the Ministry of Education. Its graduates enjoy the same privileges accorded to state university graduates. Its academic standards are accepted by the Civil Service Commission of Thailand. Assumption University (Au) is recognized in the U.S.A and other countries; transfer credits from Au are accepted by foreign universities. Graduates from Au can pursue advanced degrees anywhere in the world. Assumption University is listed in the Handbook of Universities and other Institutions of the INTERNATIONAL ASOCIATION OF UNIVERSITIES in Paris, France.

Dean’s Message:

Graduate school of Human Sciences fosters critical thinking, creative expression, and intellectual curiosity in four disciplines:  Education, Counseling Psychology, Philosophy and English Language Teaching.  I am proud to head this division and do believe that the programs offered by the school are planned for the emerging necessities of the 21st century contemporary world. Our main focus is on developing our students’ characteristics by intellectually stimulating and inculcating the academic skills required to successful individuals who think, communicate and conduct research.

We are proud to have a vibrant and multidisciplinary research environment. Our faculty members are internationally recognized for their research and their academic contributions. We have a solid foundation of teaching and learning, innovative pedagogy, research activities, our own publications, and our own counseling Center. These diverse activities not only prepare our students for various professions, but also prepare them to be active and caring citizens for life in our increasingly complex world.

The knowledge and professional experience that we offer and share with our students will make them successful in their career and life. We believe that it is important to love what we do and be ethical in our actions. Our actions will contribute to a more humane and secure world and I welcome all who would want to join us in the journey.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suwattana Eamoraphan

Dean, Graduate School of Human Science

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