Graduate School of Human Sciences

Assumption University of Thailand

Matthew Reed Merritt Publications

2022     Mar      Merritt, M. R. & Procter, A. N. (2022) Transformational Leadership’s Influence on Teacher Well-Being in International Schools. Philosophy International Journal, 5(1), 1-11.

2021     Dec      Merritt, M. R. (2021). Active Listening in the Diverse Roles of International School Leaders. Iligan Medical Center College Journal of Science, 1(2), 115–130.             

2021     Dec      Merritt, M. R., Cleesuntorn, A., & Brahmakasikara, L. (2021). A lecture-based instructional system to promote student agency. European Journal of Teaching and Education, 3(2), 11–20.

2021     Oct       Islam, M. A., Asavisanu, P., & Merritt, M. R. (2021). A Strategy for the Development of Instructors’ Professionalism in Thai Private Universities. Scholar: Human Sciences, 13(2), 347–359.

2021     Apr       Hoeun, C. B., Asavisanu, P., & Merritt, M. (2021). The development of an instructional leadership model for outcome-based education at private higher education institutions in Cambodia. Scholar: Human Sciences, 12(2), 408–427.     

2020     Sep       Merritt, M. R., Cleesuntorn, A., & Brahmakasikara, L. (2020). A Digital Backchannel Enhanced Instructional System Targeting Agentic Engagement In Lecture-based Learning Environments. Journal of Education Studies, 48(3), 274–295.

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