Graduate School of Human Sciences

Assumption University of Thailand

First Orientation 1/2022

Graduate School of Human Sciences had the First Orientation semester 1/2022 on Monday, June 6. 2022, 4:00- 6:00 pm, via Zoom.

New students joining this semester attended the session; there were 28 students from Counseling Psychology, 13 from the programs of Education, and eight from English Language Teaching. A total of 49 new students, 39 Non-Thai and 10 Thai. The Dean, Program directors, and thirteen instructors joined this session.

The Dean and program directors provided essential information regarding the rules, regulations, study plan, program requirements, facilities, etc. The meeting was further split into breakout rooms by programs for students to receive additional details and bring awareness of the program’s requirements as graduate students. The electronic Orientation Book was emailed to all students as a written reference to follow through with the study.

First Orientation 1/2022
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